Exercise and Fitness

physical activity and exerciseExercise and physical activity have been long known to play a large role in human health and wellness. We evolved as a species to be physically active so now our bodily health depends on physical activity. There is not one bodily system, from the cardiovascular system to the respiratory system to the nervous system, that does not benefit from exercise. According to health almanacs, exercise is the best way to prevent unwanted symptoms of aging.

Exercising for cardiovascular health is extremely important, especially considering that heart disease is the number one killer of adults in North America. Heart disease weakens the heart and causes heart attack or cardiac arrest, which many do not survive. Exercise prevents heart disease by reducing the likelihood of blood clots and keeping blood circulating and oxygenated. It also helps to keep the heart strong and keep its rhythm regular.

Physical activity is also extremely important for weight management. Another silent killer in North America is obesity, being one of the most overweight regions in the world. Weight has to be regulated largely by managing food intake and practicing portion control, but working out regularly is another vital way of maintaining a healthy weight. When we are physically active, we burn the calories we consume through our meals. A person may eat incredibly healthy foods in reasonable portions, but if they never exercise, they may remain overweight. The human balance between food consumption and exercise is vital to our health.

As far as keeping our bodies physically fit, exercise is important in the weight management sense and in the maintaining mobility sense. Muscles, bones and joints all need regular exercise in order to keep functioning properly. Muscles become weak, bones become brittle and joints become stiff when they are unused. Maintaining a regular exercise routine keeps muscles tough, hardy and capable of doing most of the work that the body exerts. Bones will stay strong and will not deteriorate so long as exercise is maintained. And joints will stay padded and lubricated with exercise as long as it is routine.