The best thing that can happen to any individual is having the right set of friends around him or her. Sober friends are individuals that encourage you to live healthily, by implementing safe health practices.

Having friends who are not sober could be disastrous, people like that encourage you to start abusing substances or behaviors. Before you know it, you become addicted.

This is why, when people go to a rehab for addiction treatment, the therapist has huge interest in the kind of friends they keep. Friends have the capacity to make or mar you, and it is important to know the potential role they play in your life.

Getting genuine friends is not a herculean task, all that is needed is to properly observe those whose activities are helpful to your health and wellbeing.

When you are friends with someone who is addicted to sex, you can be sure that in due time, you will be influenced and you could become a sex addict in the nearest future.

Friends are building blocks to our future and we cannot do without them. So, for those who think it is better to stay on their own instead of mingling, have got it all wrong.

Having sober friends helps you to become the best version of your friends. These set of people would be cross with you if you do not do the right thing.

Imagine having a friend who has to call you early in the morning so that you can go for a 30-minutes jog. 

Friends like that are interested in your health and they want you to get better. So, they will go lengths to ensuring that you do well in all facets of life.

You can always rely on sober friends because you have the same belief system. No one is an island of knowledge; they might have the solution to the problem you have been trying to figure out.

Certainly, sober friends would not serve as an encumbrance, they also want to get better so that they can positively impact you.

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